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Advertise your goods and services here at our site and our internet radio broadcast.

Radio VMSoul

Give your product a high visibility through our website, radio station, and newsletters.
Great way for record labels to market their artists and music.
Local businesses benefit from the exposure of their product on our site and broadcasts for as little as a dollar a day!!

We can use your banner and logo or design one for you at a modest cost.

People can click on to your banner to connect to your website or email.

Don't have a website? 
We can design one for you and increase your visibility and brand name even more for very little cost!

Support VMSoul

We can design your logo too. 

Info show
Ad spots

Let our professional design your logo for as low as $25
We can do banners too. 
We also do flash gifs.
Your logo will represent you in an impressive way, making an easily identifiable impression.
Patrons can click on your banner and connect to your website or a special page.

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Don't have a website?
We can design a hassle free website for you at a nominal price.
Don't miss out on opportunities a web presence can give you.
People can order your goods and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year through your site.
Advertise specials sales and offers on your website.
We can drive traffic directly from our site to yours.

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Our visitors can view your product and services from a specially designed webpage on our site advertising your company.
We can list your info and special sales right on our site for a higher profile presence.
Record labels can feature your artist on our page and feature them on our station.
We can use your design or design a page for you ourselves for a small fee.

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Info show:
Need higher exposure?
We can do a highly effective info show featuring your product, service, or artist.
We can use the show you create, or record a broadcast show for you featuring your content.

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Ad spots:
We can do 10, 30, and 60 second spots advertising your product.
We can use your pre-recorded ad, or create one for you.
Ads will play at regular intervals during our broadcasts.
Keep a high profile and create a buzz for your company at a price much cheaper than regular radio.

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